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Experienced Manhattan Lawyer

The Law Offices of Robert Osuna, PC


As an experienced NYC Attorney Robert Osuna has represented a variety of cases, including:

•  Theft
•  Restraining orders
•  Drug Crimes
•  Sex Crimes
•  Felonies
•  Misdemeanors

          Law Offices of Robert Osuna
      11 Park Pl, Suite 1100 New York, NY 10007
      Tel: 212-233-1033
      Fax: 646-201-4495

Law Practice Areas

Law Office of Robert Osuna, PC, Manhattan Experienced Attorney, 11 Park Place Suite 1100 New York, NY 10007 212-233-1033

The Law Offices of Robert Osuna is experienced in a range of legal matters to help you with the most serious experiences of your life. We handle immigration, family law, serious injury, commercial litigation, and criminal defence. Without experienced legal assistance, you may be facing a range of short and long term problems that can affect your life in significant ways. The legal team at Robert Osuna will help you mount a strong legal case and take control of your legal issues.

Contact us today at (213)-233-1033 for dedicated, experience legal assistence you can help. Some but not all of the case we handle include:

•   Felonies
•   Misdemeanors
•   Violations
•   Drug Charges
•   Murder and Homicide

•   Green Cards
•   Marriage Visas
•   Fiance Visas
•   Work Visas
•   Deportations
•   Asylum
•   Divorce
•   Child Custody
•   Protection Orders
•   Juvenile Matters
•   Paternity
•   Guardianship

•   Breach of Contract
•   Partnership Disputes
•   Shareholder Issues
•   Class Actions
•   Securities
•   Anti-Trust Litigation