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Criminal Defense Lawyer

The Law Offices of Robert Osuna, PC


As an experienced Criminal Defense Attorney Robert Osuna has represented a variety of cases, including:

•  Car Accidents
•  Slip and Fall
•  Medical Malpractice
•  Personal Injurys
•  Disability
•  Accidents
•  Workplace Injury
•  Toxic Exposure
•  Wrongful Death
•  Theft
•  Restraining orders
•  Drug Crimes


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Criminal Practice Areas

Law Office of Robert Osuna, PC, Manhattan Criminal Defense Attorney, 11 Park Place Suite 1100 New York, NY 10007 212-233-1033

The Law Offices of Robert Osuna understands that being charged with a crime is one of the most serious experiences of your life. Without experienced legal assistance, you may be facing a range of short and long term penalties that can affect your life in significant ways. The legal team at Robert Osuna will help you mount a strong defense against your charges, and take control of this serious situation.

Contact us today at (213)-233-1033 for dedicated, experience legal assistence you can help. We assist individuals facing criminal charges on the state or federal level, including the following areas:

•   Theft and Robbery
•   Assault
•   Gun Crimes
•   Criminal Mischief
•   Reckless Driving
•   Murder and Homicide
•   Felonies
•   Misdemeanors
•   Violations
•   Hit and Run
•   Driving While Intoxicated
•   Controlled Substance
•   Drug Charges
•   Marijuana Possession
•   Cocaine Possession
•   Heroin Possession
•   Sex Crimes
•   Probation Violations
•   Methamphetamine Possession
•   Domestic Violence
•   White Collar Crimes
•   Expungement
•   Disorderly Conduct •   Internet Sex Crimes
•   Medicare Fraud
•   Violent Crimes
•   Theft •   Restraining Orders
•   Military Law